fredag, maj 25, 2007

Mere Story Now - en lille opfølgning

I Sorcerer and Sword (efter min ydmyge mening nok den bedste af de fire Sorcerer-bøger og en god bog at blive klog af) skriver Ron Edwards om den spilstil, spillet lægger op til:

Playing this game, for all concerned, means creating stories about one or more heroic protagonists. - The player produces the protagonist's decisions and thus directly creates the story. - The GM makes it possible for such play to occur, and therefore has great power over events in the game world. However, he or she does not determine the protagonists' actions, and must fully respond to those actions when they do occur.

Therefore, the GM cannot be considered "the narrator" or "the storyteller" in any way, shape, or form. Such an entity exists as the outcome of the GM-player interface and continuing creativity. His or her arbitrative role in game events, as well as most of the Director power over time and space, do remain. But the purpose of that role is inspiring and facilitating, not dictating.

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